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Time Tracker

Time Tracker


Time Tracker is a simple program that helps you keep track of how much time you spend on each task. This version allows you to log in 20 tasks. The Timer/Clock can start/stop/reset. You can apply a previous task time to the clock and continue tracking time. Each task can be cut/pasted for arranging in your desired order. The entire track list can be exported to CSV (Excel if available), TXT and XML.

Main Features

  • Track 20 Tasks
  • Full start, stop (pause) and Reset buttons
  • Apply previous time and continue tracking time
  • Export to CSV, TXT, XML
  • Rollup application (stays on top)
  • Resizable window (vertical only)
  • Application settings saved automatically
  • Re-Arrange each task line using cut/paste
  • Ability to edit individual cells
  • Minimize window

This help page is under construction! - More will be added later after BETA has expired into stable version.



The Timer/Clock:
Simply use the Start/Stop/Reset buttons to run the clock

The Tracker Task Grid:
1) After running the timer/clock, and after stopping the timer. The option 'Insert' should be selected. To insert the time into the task grid, simply click one of the little grey buttons on the left for each row. It will insert the date, and time. Then simply enter in a decription of the task in the Item cell.

2) To append and continue tracking a previous task in the grid. Simply select the 'Clock' option and click the left row button. This will set the clock to the task time. Then just click the Start button to continue adding more time to the task. Once you stop the clock, simply click the same left row button to update that task's data.

3) To move task lines in the grid. Simply select one 'Cut' option. Click on a the desired row button on left. Then, select the 'Paste' option, and then select a different row button. Clicking the clear option only removes the entire line with no way to paste.

Time Tracker Project Page

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